List of fees and surcharges

We Strive to be open and honest

At Huntsville Express we strive to be upfront with all fees and surcharges.

List of fees

Fuel surcharge -This can be up to 20% of total invoice.

After hours surcharge-$25.00 on deliveries under 100 lbs.

                                         -$50.00 on deliveries over 100 lbs. 

Holiday surcharge - Days other carriers not running-$ 25.00

Dry run fees: If we arrive to pick-up a package and it is not ready, or we deliver and there is no one to receive package we will charge 50% of total invoice for attempted delivery.

Past Due Fees: Fees charged to customer account more than 60 days late $25.00

Additional Man/Equipment surcharges: For all extra equipment and personnel. $100.00

Additional Stop fee: $5.00 for each additional stop.

Wait Time fee: Starts after 15 min from arrival at destination $0.80 per minute.

Van Price Fee: All the above apply accept fuel surcharge 30% of total invoice.

C.O.D. Cash on delivery charge: $5.00

Special Handling fee: $15.00

Multiple Structure fee: $5.00

Residential delivery $5.00