Critical         Same Day      Economy  

1-10ilb $20                  $10                 $5

11-20lbs $25                $10               $5

21-30lbs $  30             $15              $10

31-40lbs $ 30             $15               $10

41-50lbs $ 40             $20               $15

51-100lbs$ 50            $30               $20

101-150lbs$60          $40                $30

151-200lbs $70         $50                $40

201-300lbs $85         $60                $50 


$.40 per mile up to 60 miles.

$.80 per mile over 60 miles. 

Please download mileage rates below to find out charge per mile.

All Pickup and Delivery requires scheduling of 2 hours in advance to guarantee delivery.

                       If you need a quote please contact us. 



Junk Removal Service

This service is a junk removal service that we offer to anyone looking to have something removed.

Landscaping and Lawncare Services

Yard cut, bushes trimmed, and kept let us take action and save you the time

Property Preservation Service

We provide a property preservation service to all home owners looking to keep rental ready in a timely manner

Wholesale Service

We provide a wholesale service from misc household goods and supplies to random electronics and equipment. Catalog of items coming soon.

Computer Repair Service

Need computer help? We offer technology consulting service and computer repair for those in need of a personal computer support. We charge a computer fee of $35.00 for all computer and technology related services.